Language Arts Writing


Part 2

In Language Arts, Writing, Part II of the GED Exam, candidates have 45 minutes to plan, compose, and edit an essay. Candidates are given a topic on a subject of common knowledge. The essay will be reviewed by two readers and graded on a 4-point scale. The grades will be averaged. A minimum of 3 is required to pass this section of the exam. A score of 2 or lower requires both sections of Language Arts, Writing to be retaken.

Scoring criteria

  • Responsiveness to and focus on the topic - essays that are off topc will not be scored
  • Organization - introduction with thesis, body paragraphs which prove thesis, and concluding paragraph
  • Development - use of examples, comparisons, and other ways to bring out your ideas
  • Sentences - use of grammatical and developed sentences which have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation