Language Arts Reading

Integrating Information From Other Sources

Lesson Objectives

  • Examine the purpose of interpreting information from different sources
  • Look at examples of charts, graphs, and diagrams

Interpreting Other Sources

  • Sometimes we find it necessary to look for other sources to interpret the meaning of a story or paragraph
  • Examples include graphs, diagrams, and charts

By examining these sources, you can find relevant information to ensure you have a clear understanding.

Charts, Diagrams and Graphs

  • Charts, diagrams and graphs allow us to visually find information quickly

How Can Interpreting Resources Help Me?

  • Interpreting charts, diagrams and graphs can help you identify the main idea/concept of a topic
  • Interpreting charts, diagrams and graphs can also help you draw a conclusion based on the data

Example – Bar Graph

bar graph

Example - Line Graph

line graph

Example - Pie Graph

pie graph

Let's Practice

Please complete the Practice exercises, followed by the test in this module.