Language Arts Reading

Tone, Point of View, and Style

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn about figurative language
  • Discover and understand the author's purpose
  • Explore tone and fact vs. opinion

What is Figurative Language?

  • To create images in our minds, authors use figurative language
  • Figurative language allows authors to exaggerate the truth in order to create a lasting image in our mind

Types of Figurative Language

  • Similes – comparing things using "like" or "as"
    • Ex. Her skin was soft like silk.
  • Metaphors – comparing things with simple statements and does not use "like" or "as"
    • Ex. Life is a journey, travel it well. (United Airlines)
  • Symbol – using a person, place or thing to stand for a bigger idea
    • Ex. Time is money.
  • Personification – giving non-human objects human-like characteristics
    • Ex. The wind sang an old love song.

Understanding an Author's Purpose

  • All author's have different reasons or purposes behind their writing
  • Once you understand the author's purpose, you can easily make inferences about a particular piece of writing

More About the Author's Purpose

  • Style – the characteristics that make a writer unique
    • Ex. An author's perspective on events
  • Intended audience – author's vary their styles to suit an audience
    • This includes changing language, choice of words, and methods of presentation

What is Tone?

  • The tone of a speaker's voice helps you to interpret what they are saying
  • Tone refers to the attitude or feeling a writer expresses about a particular subject
  • Tone can be sentimental, angry, humorous, sympathetic, instructive, or persuasive
  • Mood – the atmosphere of a literary selection
  • The author will use specific words to describe and “paint a picture” in your mind to set the mood

How Do I Distinguish Fact vs. Opinion

  • The ability to distinguish between fact and opinion is vitally important in critical thinking
  • Fact - statements that can be verified
    • E. The PHCC West Campus is on Ridge Road.
  • Opinion – statements that express a writer's feelings, attitudes, or beliefs (neither true or false)
    • PHCC is the best community college in Florida.

Let's Practice

Please complete the Practice exercises, followed by the test in this module.