Language Arts Reading

Literature, art, and non-fiction

Lesson Objectives

  • Analyze elements of literary style and structure
  • Critique a wide range of Literature including:
    • Fiction
    • Non-fiction
    • Poetry
    • Art
    • Drama
    • Workplace/community documents

What is Literature?

  • What is Literature?
    • Literature is any written work of merit
    • Literary style refers to the way a writer uses words to convey an idea

Literature – Style and Structure

  • How does style and structure fit in to literature?
    • Literary structure refers to the way a writer organizes their ideas in patterns such as comparison/contrast, cause and effect, etc.

Types of Literature

  • There are several types of literature:
    • Fiction – tells a story (uses the imagination)
      • Ex. Short stories and novels
    • Non-fiction – conveys real-life information
      • Ex. Newspaper, textbook, biography
    • Art – visual representation of an idea or story
      • Ex. Painting, comics

Types of Literature

  • There are several types of literature (cont.):
    • Poetry – a form of storytelling using descriptive language to tap into our emotions
      • Ex. Song lyrics
    • Drama – literature meant to be performed and demonstrates a conflict to resolve an issue
      • Ex. Plays, television shows

Let's Practice

Please complete the Practice exercises, followed by the test in this module.